Which Dog Is for You?

A four-legged companion in your life can bring a bounty of rewards. Not only do pets offer love and affection, but they can help keep your immune system strong, reduce depression, even lower blood pressure. Part of finding the right dog, of course, is getting to know yourself. What hobbies do you enjoy? Is the dog meant for you, the kids, or grandma? A dog should be for life — the dog’s life — so think hard about the pooch you hope to have.


For puppies 8 to 12 weeks, feed them four times a day. For puppies 3 to 6 months, feed them 3 times a day, and dogs over a year should be feed two meals a day. It is better to establish a feeding schedule and stay with it. Fresh clean drinking water should be available at all times.


Your dog needs exercise to maintain physically fit and simulate their minds. Lack of exercise is the leading cause of obesity in dogs. If you do not have a backyard for your dog to play in then it is necessary to walk him at least once a day – twice would be better. Encourage your dog to exercise by having toys around that you can toss or play tug a war with.

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