There’s nothing like coming home to a pet that can say “Hello” or “I love you.” Pet birds are preferred by many people. And the truth is, once you’ve had a bird as a part of your life, it’s difficult to imagine coming home to any other pet. Birds are intelligent, quirky, and mischievous–all around amazing creatures.

Are you a bird lover too? Or do you just want to know what all the fuss is about? Well, you’ve come to right place! At All Pet Birds, you will find:
  • How to choose the perfect bird for you
  • Information about the most popular bird species for a pet
  • The must-have supplies for your feathery friend
  • The most important bird care information you need to know
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Bird cage size and location

The size of a bird’s cage depends on the size of the bird, with the exception of finches, canaries, budgies (parakeets), and parrotlets. Because these species tend to have a high activity level the required a large cage despite their small size. Working the birds flight muscles will keep the birds active, strong and healthy. When choosing the size of cage for larger parrots there are many things to consider: room for the bird to stretch their wings and move around without hitting everything, room for toys, perches, food dishes, etc. For your birds safety, the bigger the cage the better. Wider is also better then tall and narrow because birds fly from side to side.

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