Fish Aquarium
Why We Keep Fish Tank at Home?

Beautiful, mesmerizing and always attractive fish aquariums have very high importance in vastu shastra. The reason for such a high level of importance is attributed to the fact that a fish aquarium in vastu acts as rectification for many vastu defects.

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Pet sitter carries several pet supplies for every pet in your home. Whether you have dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, small animals or all of the above, we carry thousands of popular and specialty pet supplies and pet accessories to help you care for the lifetime needs of your animals.

If you’re looking for pet toys, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find a ton of great balls, squeakers, ropes, plush and vinyl toys to choose from. Pet clothes, from costumes to sweaters, are available along with a great selection of pet apparel, like raincoats and life jackets.

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We are the only seller of FISH ROD in korba , also you can buy Fish Food at very low price across korba Rs.30/100mg or Rs.200/kg

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Caring for companion is the soul and heart of Pet Sitter which means it’s fully dedicated to serving animals

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Our quality is defined by what we do: Consistently provide high-performance nutrition that helps your pet do more.

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Re-Hydrate regularly.
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Every ingredient in every Eukanuba dog and cat food has only one purpose: to help fuel more awesome in your pet, every day.